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Vacationer-in-chief hits Romney over extravagent vacations


President Obama is in full campaign mode, working overtime to convince voters that he feels their pain and is himself just a common man. In Ohio today, the president hit back at his GOP challenger Mitt Romney who has suggested Romney's campaign is meant to return America to prosperity so that more people could take vacations. To contrast Romney and his recent family vacation in New Hampshire, Obama recounted tales from his more modest upbringing.

"Maybe you took a vacation every once in a while. It wasn't some fancy vacation at some fancy resort," Obama said.  The president recounted that the "best vacation I had when I was a kid" was traveling on trains and Greyhounds across the country, saying at "HoJos" [Howard Johnson hotels]. "I was eleven, so if there was any kind of swimming pool... it was very exciting," Obama said. "You were very excited to go where the vending machine was and the ice machine and get the ice."

Since 2009, the Obamas have taken multiple vacations to "fancy resorts" at Martha's Vineyard and Hawaii, played thousands of holes of golf, gone on "date nights" in New York and First Lady Michelle Obama has been widely criticized for her extravagant trips abroad.

Obama may have had a more "modest" upbringing than Romney, but he's definitely not the member of the 99% he wants you to believe he is.

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