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Real News From The Blaze': President Obama Invites New Egyptian President to the U.S.


President Obama has extended an invitation to Mohammed Mursi,the newly elected president of Egypt, to visit the White House when he comes to the United States in September. Despite reports that Mursi left his membership in the Muslim Brotherhood after being elected president, the invite has raised eyebrows as the United States was an ally of Mursi's predecessor, the ousted Hosni Mubarak, and has concerns in regard to Islamists. Mursi was in the news Sunday after ordering the Islamist-led parliament, that was dissolved by the military generals, to reconvene until a new one was elected.

"Real News" was joined Monday by Eric Trager, a frequent guest of the show who has just penned an op-ed in Foreign Affairs titled "The Muslim Brotherhood's Long Game" where he predicts that given the military's control over Egypt despite the Muslim Brotherhood controlling parliament and the presidency, the ruling party will aim for a calm short run in power to retain more substantial authority down the road. The panel discussed the anxious post-election rhetoric between the military and Muslim Brotherhood, President Obama's diplomacy with the Egyptian leader, and how long peace can be maintained and civil war avoided:

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