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Al Sharpton MSNBC Segment on Romney Fundraiser Descends Into SNL-Like Skit


Remember those concerns and criticisms when MSNBC decided to hire controversial activist the Rev. Al Sharpton as a news host last summer? Perhaps the show that unfolded on Monday was what naysayers imagined when they questioned Sharpton's journalism credentials.

As you may know, Mitt Romney attended three fundraisers in the Hamptons this weekend, including one at the beach residence of conservative power donor and rabble-rouser David Koch -- an event that attracted crowds of protestors from MoveOn.org, the Occupy Movement and the Long Island Progressive. Leading Rev. Sharpton's "Politics Nation" broadcast on MSNBC Monday, the comedy group Political Subversities -- wearing the worst of a J. Crew catalog -- reenacted alleged quotes of attendees at the events.

"Tonight's lead, 'Life imitating Art' in the Romney campaign," bellowed Rev. Sharpton to start the show. "Folks, sometimes Willard Romney's campaign for president is so hilarious, it seems like it comes from a book. It's called 'The Great Gatsby,' all about the superrich and a big party on Long Island."

You will undoubtably be laughing at the show's skit. Who you are laughing at, though, depends on your political tilt, or respect for broadcast journalism:

The quotes used in Sharpton's skit come from reports of the event from the New York Times and Los Angeles Times -- accounts that were explained in a post on The Atlantic on Monday morning.

Despite the impression given by Rev. Sharpton that those quoted would be "calling the shots for this country," the obtuse remarks reenacted on MSNBC Monday appear to come from only two parties at the weekend's events: A Range Rover-driving, blue chiffon dress wearing, female New York City donor responsible for the "common person," "we've got the message," "nail ladies," "if you're lower income -- one, you're not as educated," and "V.I.P. entrance" quotes. And the couple of Ted Conklin and Carol Simmons, who allegedly told the New York Times from their gold Mercedes outside one fundraiser that President Obama "is a socialist."

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