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MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Tries Her Hardest to Defend Debunked Attacks on Romney, Hilarity Ensues


"You're struggling, Andrea. You're struggling."

Andrea Mitchell (file)

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell and former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu on Tuesday debated the accuracy of Team Obama's “outsourcer-in-chief” attacks on GOP rival Mitt Romney.

Actually, considering that most of the discussion revolves around Sununu bringing a stammering Mitchell up to speed on the Obama administration's "green" energy outsourcing, perhaps "debate" is too strong a word.

Anyway, this is what happens when you wade into a political discussion without knowing what you’re talking about [via MSNBC]:

“Isn't it a winning issue for the White House, fundamentally, granted that the PolitiFact folks and the Washington Post pointing out that the President's campaign ad on that issue had a lot of questions and a lot of questionable attacks?” Mitchell asked.

Wait, how is a debunked claim a "winning issue" for the White House?

“But they said it was wrong. A lot of questionable tactics is not right, it was wrong,” Sununu responded, grasping the absurdity of her question.

“But the point is, that isn't Mitt Romney more vulnerable than the President on this issue because there still is -- the whole question of private equity of outsourcing,” said Mitchell.

“You could argue about when he left Bain Capital and whether he was still getting money from Bain Capital and what some of the companies in Bain were doing, companies that did end up working overseas and sending jobs overseas. But isn't it a bigger problem for Republicans than for the White House?” she asked.

Apparently, the fact that Romney was not managing Bain Capital during the outsourcing period is of little importance to Mitchell.

“No. When you've sent $500 million to Fisker and it goes to Finland immediately. When you send the solar money and it goes to Mexico. When you send the turbine money and it goes to Denmark. And we can go on all day,” Sununu responded.

“There is $29 billion worth of purchases that came out of this administration, outsourced jobs to foreign countries,” he said, repeating the fact that Romney was not managing Bain when jobs were being outsourced.

“Well, first of all the $29 billion are not all outsourced from the administration because --” Mitchell tried to respond.

“Sure they are.”

“A lot of those jobs still remained here. There are jobs -- when you do a grant, governor, there are jobs here as well as overseas.”

“You're struggling, Andrea. You're struggling,” Sununu laughed.

(H/T: Mediaite) This story has been updated.

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