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Watch Mika Brzezinski Claim Bloomberg's Soda Ban is Vital for National Security


"We are obese to the point where our military is fat and they can't even do sit-ups or run a mile, okay?"

MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski managed to turn Mayor Bloomberg's notorious "soda ban" into a national security issue on Morning Joe today, claiming that Americans don't take responsibility for themselves and our soldiers are too fat to run a mile.

"How do we solve the problem that there isn't personal responsibility being taken across this country," she asked sharply, "and we are obese to the point where our military is fat and they can't even do sit-ups, or run a mile, okay?"

She continued: "You talk to me about that.  You tell me we don't have a crisis that is in epidemic proportions that is killing us and making us weak."

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After a panelist pointed out that the host was talking to someone with a "14-inch waist," Mika praised Bloomberg's efforts as "groundbreaking" for the country, adding that there are "national security implications."

"I think there's a [Council on Foreign Relations] symposium here, on the jumbo [popcorn], on whether or not [it] impacts our national security, America's competitiveness..." Dan Senor interjected.

"Don't laugh, it does," Mika responded, adding: "Do you really want to have this conversation?"

Watch the entire clip, below:

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