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Here Is the Plot of 'The Obama Effect' - A Full-Length Hollywood Movie Glorifying Obama & Casting Republicans as Drug-Using Racists


Yes, this is a real thing.

Hollywood has taken political propaganda to a new level this week with the release of "The Obama Effect."

The production glorifies the '08 campaign through the eyes of a man who just had a heart attack and needs a new purpose in life.  The character joins the Obama campaign and begins a (creepy) cult-like worshiping of the then unknown one-term Senator.  His manic obsession leads to marital strain, quitting his job and a run-in with his gun-obsessed, cocaine-snorting Republican nephew who is "anti-black people," even though he himself is black.

The Orwellian take-home message at the end of the trailer -- they actually say this --is:

"Anyone who is with the Obama Campaign is gonna be alright!"

If that does not satisfy you, here is the whole plot of this surefire blockbuster:

The film starts like a campaign commercial for the president, showing adoring crowds and a voice-over stating, "The country can't take another 4 years of a Republican."



The main character, John, has a heart attack.

His wife does not like his new heart attack.


More Obama campaign rhetoric.

John is effectively inspired... start wearing the worst clothes anyone has ever worn.



We mean that...



He creates a shrine to Obama in his house.


In a cult-like fashion, wanders the street soliciting.


Here, John encourages the salon women to "not be on the wrong side of history."

Not buying it.


His neighbor is "undecided."

And hangs up a big sign to prove it.

John quits working for an evil, 1% corporation, telling the boss, "There are some things worth quitting your job over."


Obama approves of the move.

Dinner attire.


John meets with his Republican nephew in order to -- not making this up -- beg for money since he quit his corporate job to work for Obama.

This nephew is reluctant to hand over cash to John because he is a "pro-war, pro-guns, flag-waving, anti-everything, anti-black people if it will make me money" Republican.


John is sad.

But he drives his tricked out Obama van anyway.

The Obamamobile will be in the Smithsonian someday, we're sure.

Just like Rocky: A boxer is also inspired by Obama and it helps him with a boxing match.

Still Undecided apparently.

The film score will win an Oscar, we're sure.

This guy can't vote for Obama because he is a felon.

John is sad about this.

The Republican has an orgy with cocaine on his face.

We are reminded of slavery.

And that our future depends on Obama.

John meets Obama -- it's not a cameo, but a great look alike.

John is happy now that his life has meaning.


One final note, if there is any question as to if this film was simply satire -- check out the Facebook and Twitter pages for the movie, which are virtual campaign websites for the president.  Also, at the bottom of the film promo page there is a line urging the viewer to 'Join the Cause' along with a link to the Presidents campaign site:

Although we at The Blaze do not recommend that you watch it, here is the full length trailer:

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