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New Ad From Romney Campaign Questions Obama's Honesty


“When a president doesn’t tell the truth, how can we trust him to lead?”

A new ad from the Romney campaign calls out President Barack Obama and his surrogates for being dishonest about their Republican challenger sending jobs overseas, attacking "Obama's dishonest campaign" and even playing back video from his then-Democratic primary opponent Hillary Clinton in 2008 saying, "Shame on you Barack Obama."

“When a president doesn’t tell the truth, how can we trust him to lead?” the narrator asks, while clips of fact checkers debunking Obama ads flash on the screen and the viewer watches Clinton slamming Obama in 2008.

"But America expects more from a president," the ad concludes. "Obama’s dishonest campaign: Another reason America has lost confidence in Barack Obama."

The ad is titled "No Evidence," and comes simultaneous with the release of, a site listing nonpartisan fact checkers that have discredited distortions from the Obama campaign about Romney's record.

The Weekly Standard reports that the ad will begin airing immediately in swing states like Ohio and Virginia.

"Just like he did against Hillary Clinton, President Obama now continues to spread dishonest attacks about Mitt Romney to distract from his failed record," reads a press release with the video. "Even though fact check after fact check have found his claims to be false, he continues to mislead the American people. It is no wonder why our country has lost confidence in his leadership."

The Washington Post notes that the ad comes as Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter is calling Romney a liar. In a statement to reporters, Cutter reportedly highlighted a Boston Globe story reporting that Romney stayed at Bain three years longer than he claims. Calling it “Romney’s Big Bain Lie.” Cutter says, “Now, we know that he wasn’t telling the truth ... It’s time for Mitt Romney to come clean.”

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