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Blind Loyalty': Romney Surrogate Responsible for Andrea Mitchell Take-Down Goes After Juan Williams


"...this president is dumb enough to introduce the concept of 'felon' into the discourse with a guy as clean as Mitt Romney?"

Remember when MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell tried to debate former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu on the accuracy of the Obama campaign’s “outsourcer” attacks on Mitt Romney?

Wasn’t that entertaining? Would you like to see Sununu go two-for-two on pretty much the same subject? If your answer is “yes,” then you’re in luck.

During a Thursday broadcast of Fox News’ “Hannity,” Sununu and “real journalist” Juan Williams got into a heated exchange over Team Obama’s claim that, based on recently-unearthed SEC filings, Romney kinda’-sorta’ might be a felon.

“Can you imagine how dumb this president is introducing the concept of felony into the discourse,” Sununu said, “when this president comes out of Chicago politics, where felony and politics are sometimes a synonym?"

“This is a president whose political training was jowl-to-cheek with politicians like convicted felons like Rod Blagojevich? And this president is dumb enough to introduce the concept of ‘felon’ into the discourse with a guy as clean as Mitt Romney?” he asked.

Juan Williams challenged Sununu’s characterization.

“Governor,” Williams said, “all of that is character assassination and guilt by association.”

“But it’s all true!”

“The fact is,” Williams continued, “what The Boston Globe reported today was that there was the signature of Mitt Romney on SEC documents that said he was running Bain [Capital] after he claims he had left Bain and was not involved in any of the decisions that led to the loss of jobs overseas. That is not legal!”

“Juan, don’t let your blind loyalty to this president make you look foolish,” Sununu said.

Watch the debate heat up [via Fox News]:

“Let me explain,” Sununu continued. “When Mitt Romney went to run the Olympics in 1999, it was to prepare the Olympics for 2002. He spent three years, 24/7, running that operation."

"Unfortunately, this president knows so little about management, that he thinks you can be running something like fixing the Olympic problem -- 24/7 -- and still be managing Bain. There is no reality to that!” he added.

But Williams persisted:

What’s going on with Mitt Romney? He’s allowing President Obama to define him as a guy who’s secretive, who’s not coming forward, who has apparently deceived the Securities and Exchange Commission about when he was running Bain.

This is not helping Mitt Romney! His campaign should take control of these issues, governor!

“Juan, he did not deceive anybody and if you’re going to be responsible for that kind of a statement, I’m going to remind you about that until your dying days,” Sununu shot back

(H/T: Mediaite)

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