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Real Journalists Are Apologists for Corrupt-ocracy': Michelle Malkin Takes on Juan Williams in Tense Live TV Segment


"The American people are sick of the kind of snotty condescension from liberal elite journalists like Juan Williams."

Things got a little more heated than usual on tonight's Hannity in a debate between noted conservative blogger Michelle Malkin and liberal Fox News contributor Juan Williams over the nature of the recent White House leaks.

Williams had tried to argue that there was nothing particularly special about the leaks regarding national security currently emanating from the White House, claiming that every administration had done the same thing. Malkin fired back by raising the point that the liberal press had excoriated former President Bush over the leaks regarding CIA agent Valerie Plame, which were seen as an attack on the country's intelligence community and, by extension, on national security.

Williams' response was to pull rank on Malkin. "I'm a real reporter, I'm not a blogger out on the blogosphere," Williams said dismissively, before launching into a lecture about how reporters talk to officials, something he apparently didn't believe Malkin had any experience with.

Malkin was visibly offended at Williams' ad hominem response, but did not call attention to it until Sean Hannity allowed her the last word. At that point, Malkin opened fire.

"The American people are sick of the kind of snotty condescension from liberal elite journalists like Juan Williams who tell us that the rest of us are not doing our jobs, when the point is that when Eric Holder was shamefully approved and nominated and approved to be Attorney General, he had already had a long record of bastardizing national security and the rule of law," Malkin said. "People like Joseph Connor, whose father was murdered by an FALN terrorist said at the time, and I quote, before this nomination, warning Republicans, that Eric Holder did not have the judgment, values or character to hold that office. We have been proven right, even though we are non-professional journalists."

Williams must have sensed he was bleeding this point, and interrupted, accusing Malkin of going off-topic before launching into an extended repeat of his original arguments, virtually unaltered. It was at this point that Hannity interrupted to tell Williams that he was going to have to accept that "Holder is finished" before closing the segment. Williams tried to protest, at which point Malkin got in her killing blow.

"So real journalists are apologists for corrupt-ocracy, we got it," Malkin said drippingly.

Malkin then thanked Williams in a voice that would have chilled liquid nitrogen. Williams, meanwhile, put his hands to his face.

Watch the dramatic standoff below:

H/t: Mediaite

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