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Responsibility for Progressives' to 'Reject' the Middle Class, TV Host Says, Since They Have No 'Relationship' to the 'Poor or People of Color


"They have no relationship to at the bottom, the immigrants, poor and largely people of color."

Juan Gonzalez, co-hosts the radio and television program Democracy Now! made some startling admissions about his view on the middle class last week.

Speaking on a panel in Stony Brook, NY, Mr. Gonzales discussed his views on how detrimental the "fixation in American politics with the middle class" is. Gonzales explains:

"The key aspect of constantly raising the middle class in my mind is to exclude the poor and the unemployed from the concept of the people and to exclude immigrant labor from the concept of what American politics is geared to."

Juan then discussed how politicians and the media coordinate to "confuse" the "working class" and create a societal ideal that discriminates on race and income.

"This concept of the middle class is an attempt to create a buffer zone or sense among the people that there is this other group of people that are not part of the middle class that they have no relationship to at the bottom, the immigrants, poor and largely people of color."

The host of the broadly syndicated television and radio show went on to explain that the major goals of the progressive movement in the future should be the elimination of the "concept" of the middle class in American society.

"The key responsibility for progressives in my mind is to reject this concept of the middle class--from my perspective as a journalist, buying into the middle class paradigm is the beginning of a dulling of the consciousness for working people in America in the 21st Century."

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