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George Lopez to Mitt Romney: Admit You're Latino 'If You Want Our Vote, Puto


"Mitt Romney is a f***ing Latino and he won't admit it."

In an offensive, profanity-laced rant Saturday night comedian George Lopez argued that presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney won't get the Latino vote because "he's a f***ing Latino and he won't admit it."

Lopez also called the former Massachusetts governor a "puto," a Spanish word that translates literally as "male prostitute" but is commonly used in a derogatory manner to call someone a coward or traitor.

"Mitt Romney wants the Latino vote. He ain't going to get it. He ain't going to get it. And you know why? Because Mitt Romney is a f***ing Latino and he won't admit it. His father was born in Chihuahua, Mexico. Mitt Romney is a Chicano. But he won’t admit it. 'I am not. I am Danish. I am French.,'" Lopez said, mocking Romney.

He continued: "If you want our vote, puto, come out of the closet. Get a hair net and lean back and say ole… His father, his grandfather went to Mexico to create a Mormon colony. That don't sit good with Mexicans when you want six wives to get twelve kids. F***ing Latinos can have one wife and get twelve kids. Don't f***ing cheat."

What did Lopez have to say about Obama? Only great things, of course.

"Obama is the closest things to Latino that we have. Barack. Everybody wants to see his birth certificate too," said Lopez. The mentioning of Obama drew applause from the supportive audience.

After all, Obama is America's first so-called gay, Jewish, Asian-American, female and Hispanic president, according to the media.

But as harsh as Lopez's rant against Romney was, it paled in comparison to what the comedian had to say to Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio:

"And while we’re at it Sheriff Joe in Arizona – f*** you, you f***ing puto. How about that? F*** you. You fat mother f***er. F**k you. I said I was going to talk some s**t. F*** you Sheriff Joe you f***ing puto. F*** you."

Now that's some high-class comedy! Imagine the time and preparation Mr. Lopez must have put into his act -- the mind boggles.

Watch the video here (Warning: graphic language and not that funny, depending on your sense of humor):

(h/t: NewsBusters)

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