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Shock Video: Bystanders Walk by Dying Man as He Lays Motionless on the Sidewalk in Virginia


"It's more trouble than it's worth for some people or it creates extra work for them, so they would rather just ignore it and move on." -- Flashback: Similar incident happened in China last year --

Police in Arlington, VA, are shocked at what transpired on July 1 near a city bus stop. There, a man was struck by a vehicle, and he ended up lying face down and motionless on the sidewalk. But that isn't what has officials horrified: it's the fact that a bus surveillance video driving by caught numerous people walking past and doing nothing as they man lay dying.

Video of the aftermath and of the not-so-good Samaritans was released on Monday. ARLnow.com explains:

With the bus stopped, passengers file past the man’s body. Although someone had called 911 — lights from police cars heading to the scene can be seen in the background — not a single person stops to check on the man, who was either dead or dying. A woman carrying shopping bags walks right by, without hesitation. One man crosses himself after getting on the bus.

Police say they released the video in a “good faith effort” to get witnesses to the accident to step forward. Detectives are not looking to charge anybody in the video with any wrongdoing — they just want them to “come forward and say ‘this is what happened, this is what we saw,’” according to Arlington County Police spokesman Dustin Sternbeck.

“The intent is solely to get these witnesses to… assist police in the reconstruction of what happened that night,” spokesman Sternbeck said. “The intent is not to say these individuals are accountable for anything.”

The startling video is below:

"It's more trouble than it's worth for some people or it creates extra work for them, so they would rather just ignore it and move on," resident Mike Ford told MyFoxDC.com.

Police say the driver of the vehicle in the accident has been cooperative, but they still need help piecing together what happened in the wake of the victim's death.

And in case you were wondering, there is no Good Samaritan law in Virginia making it illegal not to help someone in need.

The video is eerily similar to one out of China last year. There, a little girl was hit by two vans and several bystanders did nothing.

(H/T: Daily Mail)

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