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Unions Should Learn From Russian Communists & Italian Anarchists -- Says TV Host


"they have much more labor consciousness and understanding and they are bringing that here."


Juan Gonzalez, who co-hosts the radio and television program Democracy Now!, gave some startling advice to the American labor movement recently.

Speaking on a panel at Stony Brook University in New York, Mr. Gonzales discussed his views on how close-minded the American labor movement has become while insinuating they should be much more accepting of the old Russian Marxist workforce and the Italian anarchist movement.

Gonzalez began by referencing third world immigrant labor in America and noting their valuable experiences when it comes to fighting for workers rights:

"You have no idea what they have gone through in their own country, what kind of struggles they already went through before they got to this country and that they have much more labor consciousness and understanding and they are bringing that here."

The journalist, who works for a George Soros-funded organization, went on to reference the valuable additions anarchist and communists have made to the American work force and encouraged modern Labor to learn from these examples.

"They're bringing that consciousness here like the Russian workers of the early 20th century* brought to the United States. 

Like the Italian Anarchists brought to the United States.  They're bringing a whole new sense of political consciousness and class solidarity."

The widely syndicated Broadcaster went on to scold organized labor for not including the immigrants in more leadership positions within their unions. Gonzales lamented organizers don't want to give the immigrants "the opportunity to rise and take actual leadership within many of these Unions":

"I think its incumbent upon conscious and progressive labor activists to help open the doors to your union and the unions that you work with to be able to provide and opportunity for these new rising leaders to play a bigger role."

Gonzalez was featured last week on the Blaze for advocating that Progressives "reject the middle class" due to their inability to relate with "the poor and people of color."

The lecture was well received.

You can watch part of it below:


*A time of blossoming communism.

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