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5 Stunning Photographs From the Super-Concentrated Storm Over NYC


"The power of Mother Nature!"

This photo was taken by Giants linebacker Dhani Jones from an airplane window. Tweeting the picture, Jones said he had "never seen a storm so concentrated." (Photo: Dhani Jones via Twitter)

Some have compared the storm that occurred yesterday over New York City and in other areas of the northeast as that of Biblical proportions.

The Weather Channel reports that the extremely hot and humid day within the city came to a violent and abrupt end as the storm erupted in the late afternoon. The New York Post reports the temperature recorded at LaGuardia airport before the storm hit was a record-breaking 101 degrees. After the storm, it had dropped to 74 degrees and is expected to continue today in the 80s.

A formal warning by AccuWeather, according to the Daily Mail, came just after 3:30 p.m. and had city officials using a mobile phone emergency warning system to issue information to 8 million people within the five boroughs. It was the first time the program had been used since launching in May 2011.

Characterized by hail, heavy winds and torrential rain, the storm in New York has produced stunning photographs, which led Gizmodo to jokingly wonder if the Lost Ark of the covenant was opened in New York City or if the Ghostbusters were back in town.

Here the photos tell the story.

Jim Cantore, a Weather Channel meteorologist, said the storms across the northeast Wednesday were relatively normal given the conditions.

"Lots of heat equals lots of storms at this time of year," Cantore said according to the Weather Channel.

The New York Post reports 1.7 inches were recorded inside Central Park and an inch of hail stones littered the ground in some areas of the city. One woman in Queens was struck by lightening and was treated at the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Here are some videos posted to YouTube recording some of the weather events yesterday.

Lightning seen from Great South Bay in Babylon, New York:

Rain and hailstones being dropped within the city:

Lightning as seen from Brooklyn facing Manhattan:

A small geyser forming inside an NYC subway station as a result of the storm:

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