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Two Plus Two Equals Five': Beck Asks Whether Team Obama Is Running a Campaign or a Cartoon

Two Plus Two Equals Five': Beck Asks Whether Team Obama Is Running a Campaign or a Cartoon

"We are so deeply in to '1984' territory, it is shocking."

Team Obama on Thursday released an ad accusing Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney of being the type of politician who will say anything to get elected.

The video begins with a clip of Governor Romney quoting the president as saying, “If you got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

The video then splashes the following across the screen: “The only problem? That’s not what [Obama] said.”

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As we detailed in an article titled “Incredible New Obama Ad Tries to Prove Romney Misquoted Obama…by Playing the Exact Quote Romney Used,” Romney didn’t misquote the president. That's exactly what he said in his infamous Roanoke, VA., speech.

The anti-Romney ad is so peculiar and so patently false, Glenn Beck was almost at a loss for words during his Monday show:

“[The Obama] campaign has gotten to a point that I’ve never seen in my lifetime," Beck said, "it is becoming a cartoon."

"I don’t think anybody has actually seen this. I don’t know of a time in American history -- and I know the Wilson times -- when a candidate and his supporters have not just lied about things and lied to your face … I’ve never seen it like this.”

Beck explained:

You know they’re lying, and they know you know they’re lying, and you have it on tape what they said, and then they take their lies and they tell you, “We didn’t say that.”  And they play their lies and say, "See? It doesn’t say that."

You’re like: "Wait a minute, that’s exactly word-for-word what it says!"

Beck then played the Obama ad in question:

And this is what the president said:

"We are so deeply in to '1984' territory, it is shocking. I never understood '1984.' I mean, I did, but it was like, there was nothing that I could really, truly connect to with '1984.' Two plus two equals five,” Beck said, referencing a part in George Orwell’s dystopian masterpiece where the main characters discuss "Big Brother's" (i.e. the government’s) ability to rewrite basic logic, "didn’t make sense to me. I couldn't really, truly relate to it."

"But that’s what they’re doing right now," he added.

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