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FreedomWorks Unveils Theme of Its 2012 Agenda to TheBlaze -- And How You Can Help Decide It


"Require each bill to cite the Constitution"

FreedomWorks, an organization that advocates "lower taxes, less government, and more freedom," has made an impressive impact on the political debate in recent years.  Glenn Beck fans, in particular, will remember the "Freedom Connector," a social networking site for patriots that helped revolutionize how like-minded, small-government proponents can connect.

Now, with hundreds of thousands of grassroots volunteers and countless more supporters, the organization has revealed to TheBlaze a "sneak peek" of its 2012 agenda ahead of the official announcement at FreePAC tomorrow in Dallas in an event tied to Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Love” initiative this week (tickets for “Restoring Love” can be found here).

The theme?  "12 in '12," or twelve main policy proposals deemed to be the most important solutions to our nation's problems this year, that FreedomWorks will be pushing across the board.

Even more, in keeping with the organization's focus on grassroots action, the twelve proposals are actually still being voted on by the public, and the voting will remain open almost until the announcement.

Open to freedom-lovers everywhere, you can go to www.my2012platform.com to participate in the voting.

With more than one million votes so far, according to the organization's communications director Michael Duncan, Americans can endorse issues from scrapping the federal tax code to auditing the Federal Reserve.  One of the more clever (but harder to implement) policies is likely "no balanced budget, no pay [for members of Congress.]"

How do you feel about endorsing that?

Others policy proposals include: allow social security personal accounts, stop the tax hikes, unleash America's vast energy potential, promote school choice, require each bill to cite the Constitution, rein in the EPA, and of course, repeal "Obamacare."

Here is Glenn Beck discussing FreedomWorks and FreePAC, and why it provides a necessary tool for conservatives missing from the Republican Party and CPAC:

So how will FreedomWorks be pushing a dozen policy proposals?

Michael Duncan explained that there will be both a heavy "endorsement component" and a heavy "activism component" to the 2012 campaign.

The endorsement component, essentially, is when Americans sign petitions or vote on matters like the "12 in '12" campaign, so that FreedomWorks can unequivocally show lawmakers how many millions of people support the issues.

The activism component, on the other hand, is more multifaceted.

In addition to distributing the twelve final policy proposals to each of the Republican delegates and FreedomWorks' massive network of contacts, Duncan explained that FreedomWorks will also help activists keep in touch with the Romney campaign and delegates from the GOP to keep them on track.  FreedomWorks will also have a strong presence at the Republican National Convention, to help set the tone of what really matters in 2012.

As the "12 in '12" website indicates, FreedomWorks is endeavoring to build a platform by the people, for the people.

"My Platform 2012," it reads. "Tell the GOP where to stand...Add your voice to the Freedom Platform."

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