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This Is Nuts': Beck Looks Back on Trilogy of Restoring Honor, Restoring Courage and Restoring Love in Moving Interview


"Don't talk to me, talk to God."

Glenn Beck sat down for an exclusive interview today to discuss the long process that has led up to his massive, three part series of events - namely, "Restoring Honor," "Restoring Courage" and this Saturday's "Restoring Love." Beck recounted story upon story in the interview, touching on the logistical failures of "Restoring Honor" with a combination of humor and solemnity.

"This will work to the good and the benefit, I don't know how, but this is in us, leave it alone," Beck said as he described soothing his staff after panicked reactions to the fact that "Restoring Honor" inadvertently fell on the anniversary of Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech. As it turned out, it did, because the event drew the attention of Alveda King, no less an eminence than the niece of Martin Luther King.

Beck's segment hearkening back to his "Restoring Courage" tour in Israel was more poignant, as Beck described the process of dealing with negative press - an act that was especially painful, given that he himself had doubts about whether the tour was a smart idea. In fact, Beck described explaining those doubts to one particular early detractor from the spiritual community, who had tried to talk him out of it. To the other man's surprise, Beck agreed with him.

"This is nuts and I have no real desire to do it," Beck quotes himself saying. "Don't talk to me, talk to [God.]"

And finally, in the "Restoring Love" focused section of the interview, Beck explains that his inspiration for the event is former South African leader Nelson Mandela, one of the few leaders who, in Beck's estimation, took the high road in trying to save his country.

"You know, Nelson Mandela could have just ripped this country apart. Had he wanted to, it could have been a blood bath. People would have followed him. And instead, he chose love," Beck said.

To that end, Beck had originally planned to host the event in South Africa. However, events conspired to put it in Dallas. That's not to say the event has been a failure thus far - the biggest complaint among people who attend the event is apparently that the service organizations involved don't have enough for their tens of thousands of volunteers to do.

Beck also announced his plans to replace the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) with the first ever FreePAC at Restoring Love. "CPAC, I think is an old dinosaur," Beck said, explaining that the organizers of the event might have been less than comfortable with his barn-burning performance in 2010, because he was critical of both parties.

Yet even if CPAC's response was muted, Beck's presence has struck a chord on an international basis. Through a series of anecdotes, Beck explained that he has been approached by everyone from former residents of the Soviet Union to members of the British Parliament about spreading his message. However, Beck says, spreading his message doesn't work that way.

"It has to be from the grassroots. It has to be from the people," he says.

Certainly, "the people" will be showing up at Beck's event. Tickets for "Restoring Love" are still available here. The event will be broadcast exclusively on TheBlaze/GBTV, this Saturday July 28th.

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