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Hard-Working Immigrant at Restoring Love Explains His Incredible Story from Poverty to Success


"If someone says, 'I cannot make it,' come see me."

While waiting in line to meet Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) at a "Restoring Love" book signing, TheBlaze caught up with Umesh Patel, a Glenn Beck fan with a fascinating -- and inspirational -- personal story. Umesh and his wife, Aarzu, flew in from their home in New Hampshire to attend the event in Dallas, Texas.

A native of India, Umesh came to America in 2007 in hopes of building a better life for himself. But the path wasn't easy. In addition to tackling the normal struggles associated with immigration, on his first night in the U.S., his wallet was stolen -- leaving him with only $1.50. For months, he stayed with friends, bouncing between their homes, as he attempted to form his new life.

Despite the challenges, Umesh told TheBlaze that he was determined to succeed. After nine months, he secured a driver's license and began attending school to receive his MBA -- a feat he accomplished in 2009.

"I paid my college in cash," he excitedly said, going on to explain that he worked 16 to 18-hour days to secure enough cash to pay off his debts and to dole out the $40,000 needed to receive his degree.

Umesh believes that hard work and honesty are the keys to success; he cites his story as an example of how it's possible for anyone to achieve his or her goals. Today, he works at CVS pharmacy and has built a life with his wife (they met in 2010).

"If someone says, 'I cannot make it,' come see me," he continued. "There is no scarcity of opportunity in America. [But], there may be scarcity of hard work and honesty. Don't ask for help. Ask for a job."

His wife, too, mirrors these views. Aarzu told TheBlaze that she's proud of everything her husband has accomplished.

Beck's message has resonated with Umesh for quite some time. He's an avid GBTV (soon-to-be TheBlaze TV) subscriber and he's intent on spreading the message of hope and love to others.

"We are thinking that the inspiration we get [at "Restoring Love"] we will pass onto as many people as we can, so that we can be a part of restoring love," he continued.

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