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Homophobic & Hurtful': Gay Activists Protest Kirk Cameron's Pro-Marriage Speech in NJ


"Hey Kirk, will God judge me for loving or judge you for hating?"

Since March, actor Kirk Cameron has faced a slew of controversy surrounding his views on same-sex marriage. While the entertainer and documentary director didn't initially seek to advertise his opinions on the matter, it was an interview with CNN's Piers Morgan during which he was asked to share his views on the subject that set the stage for the continued protest against him.

On Friday, the drama continued, as Cameron spoke at a marriage event in Ocean Grove, New Jersey. After learning about his appearance, which did not at all focus upon same-sex issues, gay and lesbian activists showed up to protest outside of the venue.

According to The Christian Post, Cameron was speaking at the Great Auditorium when about 100 protesters showed up to march silently in front of the venue. The participants, part of a self-described civil rights group called Ocean Grove United, held signs that read, "Kirk! Your Words Hurt Us!" Another sign read," Hey Kirk, Will God Judge Me For Loving Or Judge You For Hating?"

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Here's how the group described the event on its web site:

Thank you to all the people who made the Ocean Grove United weekend events so successful. On Friday evening we came together as a unified community outside the doors of the Great Auditorium to protest the homophobic and hurtful words of Kirk Cameron who was presenting a program inside. LGBT and straight, old and young, various religions, and an array of racial and ethnic backgrounds - what we share is a love of Ocean Grove and the diversity and acceptance that makes it such a special place.

Then we continued the celebration at a town-wide block party with music and dancing in the street. We saw old friends and made new ones. On Saturday, at a luncheon hosted by OGU, members of theGarden State Equality Youth Caucus shared their personal stories of being bullied with several Trustees of the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association. We heard how Kirk Cameron’s words and similar words from celebrities can reverberate and encourage others to become bullies. The teens were inspirational in their insights and in their courage to speak out.

While the crowd outside the venue was of noteworthy size and scope, the one inside dwarfed it, as 6,000 couples showed up to the event to hear Cameron speak about Christian marriage. Another group -- Youth Caucus at Garden State Equality -- had reached out to the actor to invite him to lunch to discuss why his views could lead, in their view, to anti-gay bullying. Cameron sent a letter to the group, citing a scheduling conflict.

A spokesperson for Cameron told The Christian Post that the event had nothing to do with gay marriage and that the actor "loves and prays for all groups of people." Additionally, the representative reiterated that Cameron "does not discriminate" against any group.

The Friday speech was part of Ocean Grove's Camp Meeting Association week, which provides citizens with resources and seminars that focus on strengthening marriage.

(H/T: The Christian Post)

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