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Obama 'Deserves Our Ire & Condemnation': GA Business Owner Explains His 'Kiss My A**' Banner


"If we are to be an economically strong America then we must stand together against the heavy hand of government interference."

Georgia business owner Ray Gaster last week made headlines for hoisting a banner that reads, "I built this business without gov't help. Obama can Kiss my ass" at one of his company’s three locations. The banner, as TheBlaze noted, is a response to President Obama’s infamous “You Didn't Build That” speech.

"I started on my own," the Vietnam veteran told "The government wasn’t there. We work long, hard hours and what he said is an insult to any businessman."

After boldly challenging the president and sending a photo of his sign to 45 personal friends and business acquaintances, Gaster reached out to TheBlaze and other media outlets to clarify his position on the Obama administration and its treatment of small businesses.

"In my original message that went out to about 45 friends and business associates, I said that all businesses need to stand up and say, 'NO, Mr. President you are wrong. I built this business.' That message has not changed over the last week,” Gaster wrote TheBlaze in an email.

“If we are to be an economically strong America then we must stand together against the heavy hand of government interference. All of the economists tell us that for our economy to recover it will take small and independent businesses to expand,” he adds, “to hire more people and to spend more money.”

Of course, the president might disagree with Gaster and these economists. After all, according to the president, the "private sector is doing fine." It's the public sector that needs work.

“Small businesses are part of the SOLUTION, not the PROBLEM. Somehow Obama doesn't understand this. When he derides us in such a way he deserves our ire and condemnation. It's tough enough out there without the President stirring up his supporters at the expense of small business owners while he is campaigning by stating that WE did not build our businesses,” Gaster continues.

“No telling where those ideas will lead. That is why I drew the line after his comments. My business is my life,” he adds “and those that know me, know that no one, not even President Obama, will get away with disparaging my business and what I have built over the last 30 years.”

The final paragraph of Gaster’s email states in no uncertain terms what he thinks of President Obama's "You Didn’t Build That" speech:

I am writing this message to you asking that we all stand together and send a clear message to the President, as well as others, that we are proud of the businesses we have built without government help.

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