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Real News From The Blaze' Discusses Reactions to Horrific Sikh Temple Attack


The man responsible for the tragic attack on a Sikh temple over the weekend has been identified as an ex-Army psy-ops officer named Wade Michael Page. The attack is the latest in a horrific series of deadly crimes committed in the United States over the past few years by a lone, unstable gunman. From Tucson, Arizona, to Aurora, Colorado, and now the suburbs of Milwaukee Wisconsin, we see an unfortunate trend in reaction to these heinous acts; even before Page's identification, politically-fueled accusations and blame assignment spread on twitter and through other media within minutes.

In addition to sorrowful reflection on the Wisconsin attack, the 'Real News' panel Monday asked why as Americans are we so quick to jump to speculative analysis? Gabby Giffords’s shooting showed that it wasn’t a political movement or individual politician's fault, it was the sole act of a severely mentally unstable individual. We still don’t know what motivated James Holmes three weeks ago to gun down almost 60 people in a movie theater, killing 12, but we do know that he’s not a member of the Tea Party. Why is there not only a rush to assign blame but also to politicize tragedies of this magnitude? Is there no place for sober discussion and consideration in an era when news and opinion is instantaneous? Watch a clip from Monday's show below:

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