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I Really Hope That America Will Forgive You': Abused Chick-fil-A Attendant Speaks Out


“I am glad I could be an example of how we should serve each other.”

When corporate executive and part-time professor Adam Smith chose to verbally assault one of the staff members at Chick-fil-A and videotape himself doing it, he probably never imagined that the story would end with him vilified as a bully and Rachel, the young woman he was attacking, held up as the picture of decorum under fire.

Yet that's what happened, and it happened at least partially because Rachel herself actually is the picture of decorum, both under fire and not. For evidence, one need only look at this description of an interview she recently gave to Fox News' Stuart Varney, in which she not only forgives Smith for his cruelty, but calls on the rest of the country to do so as well. Per Mediaite:

“I do forgive him. I think he realizes how bad it was to make that tape,” Elizabeth said after hearing a snippet of Smith’s subsequent apology video. “I feel sorry for him and his family, and for everything that has happened to him since.” Following the controversy over his video, Smith was promptly fired by his employer.

“I am glad I could be an example of how we should serve each other,” Elizabeth continued as Varney praised her for her grace given the tense situation Smith looked for. “It was hard — the attack about me and the company I work for — but I am glad I was prepared and the training and the upbringing I have had helped me get through that.”[...]

Finally, Varney asked her to directly address Smith via the camera. She obliged: “I forgive you. I really hope that America will forgive you and treat you with the respect that I chose to treat you with that day.”

Watch the segment below:

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