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Retiring Congressman Pranks Dennis Kucinich, Sprints Down Hallway, and Even Plays 'Duck Hunt' -- And Here's the Whacky Video of It All


"What are five things you would like to do before you leave congress?"

Maybe it was the stress of being a Blue Dog Democrat over the last couple years, or maybe Congressman Dan Boren (D-OK) just wants to go back to Oklahoma. But whatever the reason, the retiring congressman decided to have the time of his life in a one-of-a-kind exit interview.

The Capitol Hill social site Cloture Club sat down with the congressman and asked the question- "What are five things you would like to do before you leave congress?"  Mr Boren's answer: Ding-Dong-Ditch fellow Rep. and one time Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich.

The interview then spiraled into a series of pranks for the congressman to get out of his system before he vacates his office.  For example, Boren -- who is a board member at the NRA -- says in the video that "I hunt in my office all the time," pulls out an iPad from his desk, and then plays the once-popular Nintendo Duck Hunt game.  The congressman also punches every button in the elevator during votes, finally answers a constituent phone call, and races a reporter at full speed down the halls of the Rayburn Congressional Building.

Watch the hilarity here:

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