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re: Why not Paul Ryan? Because we said so


re: Meredith's post.

True, as vice president, Rep. Paul Ryan could influence policy. But that's about all he can do (and there's no guarantee that will happen). As the chair of the House Budget Committee, he not only has the power and authority to shape policy, but he's doing it right now.

Yes, recent VP's have used the office a little more actively than, say, John Adams, but the duties and responsibilities are essentially the same: Attend social events and shake hands with important people.

Ryan can be much more effective where he is!

It’s like pulling a pitcher in the middle of a no-hitter so that he can help the guy in the bullpen warm up. Sure he can influence the outcome of the game, but he was doing fine where he was.

Also, if we want to keep this baseball analogy thing going, it should be noted that Ryan isn't the only reliable pitcher in our lineup.

We say don’t pull him. Let him do his thing.




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