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Congressmen don't drink enough, says college student


Daniel Bassali and Winslow Marshall are two seniors at George Washington University and they've created a super PAC that intends to get Congress working over a brewski.

"In college we solve our differences by sitting down and having a beer," Bassali told ABC News. "I don't think our congressmen are too proud to accept a collegiate approach to deficit reduction."

Bassali and Marshall plan on inviting representatives and senators from both parties to happy hour (after the August recess) where they will use money the PAC raises to buy the members beers. During this happy hour, the two are hoping Republicans and Democrats can put aside their politics and "open up a dialogue about finding a balanced budget through bipartisan means."

Mixing politics and alcohol. Sounds like a plan. They should probably go ahead and throw religion in, while they're at it.

Good luck, bros.

As an aside, it's worth noting that a study published last year showed that adults in Washington, D.C., abuse alcohol more than any other city in the U.S.

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