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Joe Biden vs. Paul Ryan: Who Is More Manly in These 24 Pictures?


The definitive collection.

Both VP Candidates have a sort of 'tough-guy' sensibility about them.  So lets see how that stacks up.


Both Can Fire An Arrow:



Both are fans of working out:


Both can point a shotgun, imaginary or real:


Both are good with animals:




Both look good on an aircraft carrier:



Both can provide during Thanksgiving:




Both have a strong grip:



Both can intimidate with their arms in the air:




Both were studs in high school:


Both hung out with Presidents when they were young:



Both can destroy a hot dog:


Both have good balance:




Both have good shoes:




Both are physical:



Both can point with authority:


Both are smart:



Both love playing contact sports:



Both can show emotion:







Both know how to use a gun:



Did we mention both are animal lovers?



Who is more manly? You decide!

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