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Update: Noted plagiarizer keeps his job at TIME, CNN


Despite lifting entire portions of his most recent column from another publication and facing suspension for plagiarism, Fareed Zakaria is still in the good graces of TIME magazine and CNN -- a shocking revelation considering the usually high standards of journalism both of these institutions are known f...

Nope, sorry. I can't even type that with a straight face.

Fareed Zakaria Time New Yorker plagiarism

Politico has the update to this story (emphases all mine):

"We have completed a thorough review of each of Fareed Zakaria’s columns for Time, and we are entirely satisfied that the language in question in his recent column was an unintentional error and an isolated incident for which he has apologized," Time's statement read. "We look forward to having Fareed's thoughtful and important voice back in the magazine with his next column in the issue that comes out on Sept. 7."

UNINTENTIONAL?!  Zakaria already apologized and admitted that he had lifted the material.  How exactly was this "unintentional"?!  Indeed, copying someone else's work and passing it off as one's own is a very purposeful decision, not unintentional.  But I digress...

"CNN has completed its internal review of Fareed Zakaria’s work for CNN, including a look back at his Sunday programs, documentaries, and CNN.com blogs. The process was rigorous.  We found nothing that merited continuing the suspension," read the CNN statement, which was released a few hours later.

"Zakaria has apologized for a journalistic lapse," it went on. "CNN and Zakaria will work together to strengthen further the procedures for his show and blog."

"Fareed Zakaria’s quality journalism, insightful mind and thoughtful voice meaningfully contribute to the dialogue on global and political issues. His public affairs program GPS will return on Sunday, Aug. 26 at 10 a.m. ET on CNN/US and 8 a.m. ET on CNN/International."

"Journalistic lapse"?!  "Quality journalism"??!!  These might even be worse descriptions than the "unintentional" meme TIME has settled on.  Let's get one thing clear: there's nothing journalistic about plagiarism.  The act of plagiarizing is not a mere lapse in a journalist's judgment -- it means they have none.

But hats off to TIME and CNN -- I'm sure Zakaria will help you maintain the lousy readership and viewership you've both become accustomed to.

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