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Wasserman Schultz: GOP-controlled House 'refuses to pass' jobs bill


In an email early this morning, Chairwoman of the DNC Debbie Wasserman Schultz hopped on the "legitimate rape" controversy surrounding U.S. Senate candidate Todd Akin (R-Mo.).

"In a year that has brought us no shortage of stunningly backward statements from Republicans on issues affecting women's health, the GOP Senate nominee from Missouri may have just taken the cake," the email says.

But then there's this: "Can you imagine -- the same Republican House that refuses to pass a jobs bill jumped at the opportunity to make life harder for victims of rape?"

Just ran a quick Google search on "House passes jobs bill." The results:

--"House passes jobs bill with wide bipartisan margins" [Washington Post, Mar. 8]

--"House passes JOBS Act, sends bill to Obama" [Washington Post, Mar. 27]

--"House passes student loans, highway jobs bill" [USA Today, Jun. 29]

We've reached out to the DNC to find out what jobs bill the chairwoman is referring to and will update if they respond.

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