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Alleged Female Thief Gets Away After Good Samaritans Misinterpret Struggle and Restrain Male Victim


"The woman allegedly stole $400 from the man, and a gold chain worth $500"

Police say a thief got away on Monday after two good Samaritans grabbed the wrong person on a northern New Jersey street.

The men were reportedly driving when they saw a woman being assaulted, so they leaped out of the car to her defense, firmly restraining the man.

Little did they know, she was apparently attacking him. 

Police related that the woman allegedly stole $400 from the man and a gold chain worth $500.  The ensuing struggle was apparently mistaken for an assault.

Courier News of Bridgewater adds:

The victim said he tried to prevent his assailant from leaving the area, engaging her in a physical struggle, when the passing motorists apparently intervened, restraining him but not assaulting him, Hellwig said. The female suspect, spotting an opening, turned and ran, first trying unsuccessfully to hail a taxi before running down Plainfield Avenue, according to the investigation.

The victim attempted to pursue but soon lost sight of her, Hellwig added. After police arrived, the man provided a description of the motorists’ vehicle — a small, white Honda — and a vehicle matching that description was pulled over shortly thereafter.

The would-be good Samaritans, a 21-year-old city male and a 26-year-old city female, then relayed their story to investigators. Elements of the story were confirmed when video surveillance footage from a nearby gas station was located and reviewed, Hellwig said, adding that the entire situation was complicated by the fact that the victim was intoxicated and spoke limited English.

Investigators are using videotape to try to identify the suspect.

The Associated Post contributed to this report.

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