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Romney Will Beat Obama in November -- According to This 84% Accurate Cockroach Race


Here's a little bit of election silliness for your Tuesday morning.

The results are in. Mitt Romney has won a close, but decisive victory over Barack Obama in the New Jersey Pest Management Association's (NJPMA) 15th Presidential Cockroach Derby.

The NJPMA holds this race every four years -- yes, it is a publicity stunt. However, the group claims to have an 84% accuracy rate in predicting election results.

CBS News in Philadelphia reports:

Back in 2008, Obama’s bug beat McCain’s, and in the Bush v. Gore race, the Gore roach won “by barely an antennae’s length.” Unsurprisingly, that race was mired in controversy—much like its real-life counterpart.

Watch the thrilling, three-foot race here:

(H/T: CBS 3 in Philly)

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