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This Is Joe Biden's Actual Bumper Sticker Suggestion: 'Osama Bin Laden Is Dead and General Motors Is Alive


"That's a bumper sticker!"


Vice President Joe Biden's speech in Danville, Virginia, last week received some due media attention.  He got the name of the state he was speaking in wrong, he imitated the sign language translator and told an audience that they would be put back into chains by a Romney administration.

But before all that the Vice President made an interesting suggestion for an official Democratic party bumper sticker.

Biden was just getting started with his stump speech and was listing a litany of Administration accomplishments. Mid-list an audience member yelled at the stage, reminding the VP that "we"  killed Osama Bin Laden. Biden then corrected him:

"And the man pointing out here, and we also got Bin Laden. Let me correct that, the President of the United States and the Special Forces got Bin Laden."

Biden then adopted the action of killing the worlds most wanted terrorist into a partisan bumper sticker.

"Over the years I go to Democratic rallies and Democratic events and the Democrats will say to me, 'Hey look why can't we get down to a bumper sticker what we stand for, the Republicans have easy things to say, they say cut taxes do this and this...' I said well I got a bumper sticker for y'all now, I got a bumper sticker for you, 'Osama Bin Laden is Dead andGeneral Motors is Alive!'"



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