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Florida Man Has Loaded Gun Stolen From His Car, Only to Have It Returned With a Disturbing Message


"I learned a lesson, a valid lesson."

A Florida man says he will no longer carry a loaded gun in his car after a disturbing incident at his Port St. Lucie home. Someone apparently wanted to teach him a lesson in gun safety.

Mike Maisonnueve told local police that his gun, bullets and a knife were stolen from his unlocked vehicle parked in his driveway, WPBF reports. After realizing his car had been broken into, he started making his way back into his house when he noticed a bag next to the front door, with words scribbled on either side.

One message read: "LOADED GUN unlocked car = STUPID!!"

On the other side: "LOTS of children in the area."

Inside the bag were Maisonneuve's gun and knife, but missing were the bullets.

 "I learned a lesson, a valid lesson" Maisonneuve told WBPF. "I should not carry a loaded firearm in my car."

"My mind's been other places the last week or so. I thought I locked my car. Apparently I didn't," he added.

While the person who pulled the stunt may have gotten his or her point across, police are currently looking for the suspect who removed and gun, ammunition and knife from the vehicle. The suspect could face charges of armed burglary.

According to a Florida criminal defense attorney's website, "It is a burglary to enter both a conveyance and a part of a dwelling any kind, including the attached porch even if it's a temporary; that is a non-permanent structure. It can include mobile homes which have a roof over it and are designed to be occupied by people at night, it always includes the land and property the dwelling sits on. The burglary statute in Florida defines a conveyance as any motor vehicle, vessel, railroad car or ships, trailer, aircraft or sleeping car."

"If you enter an automobile with the purpose of stealing something inside you committed burglary of a conveyance: a first-degree felony."

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