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Meet One of the Largest Football Players of All Time: 500lbs and He's Called 'House


"Don't run my way."

At six feet 11 inches and weighing 500 pounds, John "House" Taylor is quite possibly the largest man to ever play football.

"I said, 'Who is this man blocking out the sun?'" recalls Central Penn Piranha offensive lineman Vincent McDuffy, himself six feet five inches and 372 pounds.

Taylor’s job? Smother anything that comes up against him.

"Don't run my way; pretty much that's what I do (on defense)," said Taylor.

“Taylor is a defensive lineman for the Piranha, one of the most successful teams in the Gridiron Developmental Football League (GDFL); a minor league consisting of roughly 40 clubs, stretching from Pennsylvania to Florida,” CBS 21 reports. "'House' has a simple job on defense -- take up space. An offense can't block, what an offense can't see."

"If they can't see the linebackers, they don't where they coming from, the offensive linemen," Ron Kerr, owner and head coach of the Piranhas, told CBS 21. "He has to be double-teamed. He's too big not to be."

But despite his size and power, Taylor isn’t a starting player.

"There's sometimes when people expect super human things (from me)," added Taylor. "I'm still a human."

The Piranha primarily uses Taylor in tight situations, meaning he spends most of his time on the sidelines and is usually only brought in when it's a matter of gaining a few yards.

Still, that’s not to say that a run-in with the "House" isn’t a memorable one.

"One time, I actually fell and he fell on top of me," said center Nate Gibson. "I could have sworn I had two broken ribs."

"You got to catch me moving in one direction," said Taylor, describing what it takes to stop him. "You're not going to straight up just move me most times. But if you catch me moving in one direction, you can push me in that way; but other than that..."

(H/T: Yahoo! Sports)

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