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Republicans should hit back at Dems' 'extremist' attacks

(Photo: CNN)

Whether it's fighting entitlement reform or trying to link Republicans' pro-life stance with Todd Akin's absurd comments about rape, Democrats are going into this election with a clear attack, labeling Republicans as "radical" "extremists." It's been the top strategy in their playbook for a long time -- so why aren't Republicans hitting back in a similar manner? After all, which of these represents actual extremism: talking about the need to reduce our debt or publicly heralding Occupy Wall Street?

One Republican who is fighting back on this front is Karen Harrington, a small business owner running in Florida's 23rd congressional district -- home to DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.  As we all know, Wasserman-Schultz doesn't have a problem running around the country spreading lies about Republican "extremism."  Finally, one Republican is standing up to point out how it's Wasserman-Schultz who is the extremist.

In a new ad, Harrington rightly calls out the DNC chair for her outspoken support for actual extremist groups like Occupy Wall Street:

In an interview with Newsmax this week, Harrington insisted that she's in the race to win it:

“South Florida is going to have a real clear choice between two different candidates that contrast each other greatly,” Harrington tells Newsmax in an exclusive interview. “Debbie, who supports all of the unpatriotic American policies that this president has put forth, a lifetime politician, someone who believes in bigger government and higher taxes.

“Or, someone like myself, who’s lived the life that many Americans have lived, a small-business owner who supports less government, lower taxes and more certainty moving forward. So Florida’s definitely going to have a very clear choice this November.”

And while Wasserman-Schultz is out on the stump demanding that Mitt Romney release his tax records, Harrington notes that the outspoken Democrat has denied requests to release her own: “Her answer from her office was that she’s not running for president.”

Hm. Convenient.

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