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Would You Live in This Converted Ballistic Missile Silo? It's on the Market for $750K


"mountain retreat above, apocalyptic shelter below"

Leading to the underground living facilities. (Image: ABC-7 screenshot)

The houses TheBlaze is featuring today might not be considered part of the “tiny house movement" per se, but they still fit into the unusual house category.

The contenders are a converted ballistic missile silo and a house with a wing thin a grown man could barely lie sideways in it.

The exterior of the former missile silo looks normal enough and its public description starts off innocent as well. The listing for the home on Yahoo! Homes states interested buyers could "own a piece of history and [peace] of mind."

In the next sentence though, one learns this wasn't the house of a famous war veteran or something along those lines, but is a missile silo "converted to a luxury home." As if that wasn't enough, as an added bonus, an airplane runway serves as its driveway and a hanger is its garage. The space is listed in Saranac, New York, for $750,000.

The "decommissioned intercontinental ballistic missile launch facility" was featured recently by the local ABC affiliate and here's more details on what's included in the deal:

The only structure above ground at the time was a small concrete entrance around which the new owners built an 1800 square foot house.

Co owner and builder Bruce Francisco created a living space below in the launch control center

There are two doors separating the outside world from the rooms below. At several thousand pounds each, they're built to withstand a nuclear blast.

With three-foot thick concrete walls reinforced with stainless steel mesh and epoxy resin, the subterranean dwelling is built to withstand a direct nuclear blast -- or most any kind of apocalyptic event you might want to sit out.

"And who knows if the world gets really weird you may need to go underground for a month or two months to let the dust settle from what ever might have happened," said Francisco.

Francisco told ABC that a 110 foot missile was housed in the facility at one point.

Although the previous owners have revamped much of the property, the actual missile silo itself remains unfinished, which Francisco said leaves its next owner with endless possibilities.

Watch the report on the property that is a "mountain retreat above, apocalyptic shelter below":

ABC-7.com WZVN News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral

The thin house is located in Japan, and although it may be 1,700 square feet, one half of the house is only 7 feet wide. Luckily for residents, when they really want to stretch out, the other side of the house is a bit wider.

Dezeen Magazine says the home called House K by Hiroyuki Shinozaki Architects is a duplex meant for two families living together. The "slender side of the house" contains the kitchens, bathrooms, closets and a bedroom.

The wider section of the house has additional bedrooms and living rooms. The designers left these rooms largely open so the family could easily communicate with others in the wider rooms.

(H/T: Gizmodo, Yahoo! House)

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