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Video: Code Pinkers are determined to embarrass themselves


Chalk up a few more women supporting President Obama:

Yep, those are grown women dressed up as pink pea pods vaginas.  Because nothing says "take me seriously" like a giant vadge costume.  Thanks, ladies, but I'll stick with a business suit.

Shark Tank caught video of the Code Pinkers parading around in another one of their "tactless attention-grabbing stunts," Javier Manjarrass writes. "I stopped my car as I was driving by their protest to get the footage- the Pinkos were wearing home-made Vagina costumes proclaiming 'Read My Lips.'" ::vomit::


I have a few ideas for a creative counter-protest, but I think I might get in trouble for posting them here... I'll just have to agree to disagree with the giant, walking, talking vaginas.

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