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Protesters master efficiency at GOP convention


If nothing else, protesters at the Republican convention in Tampa have maximized their productivity.

During a breakfast speech yesterday morning Sen. Marco Rubio was interrupted by a revolving door of hecklers. After one was kicked out, another stood up to yell. This happened five times, according to BuzzFeed.

Today, to a lesser extent, the same thing happened to former Sec. of State Condoleezza Rice while she addressed a crowd on foreign policy matters.

A white-haired woman on the edge of the crowd in a Tampa theater stood up and shouted “You cannot be compassionate and kill people.” ...

Rice appeared unflustered at the interruption, smiling and saying that “one of the great things about democracy is that people do get to say their piece.”

No sooner had Rice got back on track, however, than she was knocked off again by another, younger female protester.

“The blood of American children is on your hands!” the woman shouted, adding the claim that the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 were “an excuse” to begin the war in Iraq.

The second protester was also led out.

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