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Real News' From the RNC: Rep. Marsha Blackburn on Women and the GOP


Republican Marsha Blackburn has represented Tennessee's Seventh Congressional District for five terms, and was co-chair for the GOP platform committee. While the vast majority of the platform focuses on stimulating the economy and reforming the size of government, many Democrats and media commentators have declared the platform anti-women for it's strong support for the sanctity of life and opposition to abortion without exceptions, including rape, incest and life of the mother.

On "Real News From The Blaze" Wednesday, E.D. Hill interviewed Rep. Blackburn for her reaction to these charges regarding the GOP platform and women, and what the party says it will do to create jobs, make government more efficient and promote opportunity for new business. Watch a clip of the interview followed by discussion from the 'Real News' panel on the so-called GOP "War on Women" and Ann Romney's speech at the Republican National Convention Wednesday night.

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