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RNC Protester Shows Up Waving a Pair of Underwear to Slam Romney's Faith


"I'm waving the dirty laundry of the Mormon church."

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On Wednesday, blogger and vlogger Fabian Calvo caught up with the "Bible Believers," a group of controversial Christians who have distinguished themselves for their protests against Islam, among other subjects.

But this week, the troop has apparently turned its attention to the Republican National Convention (RNC), where its members are taking a stand against presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints religious adherence.

Calvo caught up with Ruben Israel, one of the faith leaders who founded the controversial group. As the clip unfolds, Israel can be heard saying, "As a right-wing conservative myself, you've offended me," in response to party adherents who are willingly embracing Romney as the nominee. It is the candidate's faith that is at the center of the protester's angst.

Here's a portion of the transcript from Israel's controversial comments to Calvo:

"Unfortunately, I am a right wing conservative and I have issues with our party saying that this man is going to represent us. I think he's a fantastic business man. I think he's got morality. But when it comes to religion, this is what Mormons wear [Israel holds up Mormon temple undergarments]. And so, I'm waving the dirty laundry of the Mormon church. And you cannot separate a man's religion from who he is. It's like saying he's not a Republican...can we trust somebody who's going to get in a pickle, that's going to pray to a God who told him to wear this [again referring to the undergarments]...we find nowhere in the Bible where we're supposed to wear this stuff."

Calvo went on to ask Israel about Glenn Beck's faith as well. Interestingly, the protester avoided delving into commentary about Beck, although he did dub him "a converted Mormon." Instead, he turned to radio host Rush Limbaugh, whom he said "has no Christianity," citing his multiple marriages as purported evidence (Limbaugh isn't a Mormon).

Watch the video, below:



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