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Scarborough saw no 'drama' at DNC


Several times this week MSNBC's Joe Scarborough, a Republican, has said the Democratic convention was a smash and the Republican convention was a dud.

“The Democrats who put [the convention in Charlotte] together were so much better than the Republicans who put Tampa together," Scarborough said on his showMorning Joe yesterday. Later in the evening he tweeted, “Game. Set. Match. Democrats crush Republicans in convention wars.”

Scarborough said as much today on his show. And in a column for Politico, he wrote that "by the time the last of the confetti fell on the Democratic convention floor, it became frustratingly clear that the most compelling speaker in Tampa, Fla., had been Clint Eastwood’s chair." Also in his column, Scarborough says there's a perception that "conventions don't matter" because "it’s been a generation and a half since the last time there was genuine drama in real time."

He's right in that Democrats had a generally better convention. Michelle Obama delivered a heartfelt speech in which she almost genuinely cried. Bill Clinton, one of most popular figures in politics, gave a good one, too. And former Rep. Gabby Giffords, still recovering from being shot in the head, led the Pledge of Allegiance, a spectacular moment everyone will remember.

But Scarborough apparently missed the "drama in real time" on the Democratic convention floor Wednesday:  While the Republican convention went relatively uneventful in terms of drama, Democrats were audibly and contentiously split in half on whether to include the word "God" in their original platform.

That's at least sort of dramatic. Maybe even upsetting. Concerning?

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