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N.C. Man Charged for Twitter Death Threat: I Will 'Assassinate President Obama


“there’s absolutely no place for jokes that could be perceived as a threat..."

Dante Jamar Sims posted threats against the president on his @DestroyLeague_D Twitter account. (Photo: Twitter)

It seems death threats against the nation's top political figures are running rampant. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney recently received a death threat that TheBlaze captured on an exclusive video from an attendee at the Democratic National Convention. While at the same time, two threats made against President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle are working their way through the legal system.

Most recently, a Charlotte, N.C., man was arrested for death threats against the president issued on Twitter Monday. Donte Jamar Sims, 21, going by the Twitter handle @DestroyLeague_D posted several tweets that suggested plotting the murder of Obama, according to the Charlotte Observer. Here's the tweets:

Sims was arrested Wednesday, and although he still awaits a detention hearing next week, he has issued a verbal and written apology.

In a separate incident occurring in July, threats against the first lady Michelle Obama were made by a D.C. police officer who has not been publicly identified. This officer, it was reported by the Washington Post, will not be charged for these threats but could face disciplinary action from the department itself.

According to the Post, the threats made earlier this summer were reported after an officer heard them made over breakfast at a restaurant. The officer reporting the incident accused the other officer of using his cellphone as a prop with shooting sound effects while talking about the Mrs. Obama.

Although federal prosecutors have decided not to pursue the case further, the Post reports Police Chief Cathy Lanier saying on WTOP radio that an internal investigation continues as “there’s absolutely no place for jokes that could be perceived as a threat to the first lady."

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