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Wilkow Blasts Obama: President Has 'Done Nothing But Apologize for the U.S.


During his show on TheBlazeTV Thursday, Andrew Wilkow graded the responses of both President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney to the deadly attacks on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

The host gave the president and his administration a failing grade for seemingly focusing on "religious tolerance" instead of emphatically defending all Americans' right to free speech. He expressed frustration that President Obama in his first term has "done nothing but apologize for the U.S."

Wilkow admitted that a Romney statement released shortly after the attack in Libya misrepresented an apologetic statement from the embassy in Cairo, however, the host commended the GOP presidential candidate for immediately defending "all freedom of speech."

"Romney was responding to an apology put out by the embassy in Cairo over a stupid YouTube video that some Muslims found offensive," the host explained. "Romney's statement gave the impression that the embassy was apologizing after the attack when the embassy released the statement before the violence occurred."

Wilkow went on to call the anti-Muslim YouTube clip that is enraging Muslims across the world a low-budget "piece of crap."

Watch the entire segment via TheBlazeTV here:

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