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Home Movie of Water Balloon Fight Shot Using $300K Equipment -- See the Result


"coolest water balloon battle ever filmed"

(Image: Vimeo screenshot)

The benefit of home-video technology is that you could capture life's precious memories without the cost or inconvenience of hiring a professional videographer.

But when you already are a professional filmmaker like Brad Kremer with $300,000 camera package lying around you house, the expectations for your home videos are bit higher. He had to decide what to film that would best showcase this high-quality equipment. The answer -- "a water balloon party of course! Duh!"

With a Phantom Fex shooting up to 2,564 frames per second at 1080 pixels, he writes "we see every detail, every smile and every sparkle in the kids eyes." Not only that but you see the ripple of the water in the balloons as they're thrown and the spray as it explodes in incredible definition and slow-motion.

In addition to the camera equipment, the short clip also required a pack of multi-colored water balloons, a garden hose, Wham-O Slip 'N slide, trampoline and, yes, a watermelon.

Watch the end of summer action:

Gizmodo points out that while this may be the "coolest water balloon battle ever filmed," it could also very well be the most expensive of home movies ever shot.

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