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Obama's Promises Vs. Obama's Actions: The Latest Video from 'WordsMatter2012

Obama's Promises Vs. Obama's Actions: The Latest Video from 'WordsMatter2012

Last week, TheBlaze posted a story with a long-form video showing the vast differences between certain campaign promises and statements by Barack Obama and the actions he has taken since becoming president. The video was called "Words Matter" and it was reported to be the first political video from an amateur video editor who wished to remain nameless online (his identity was confirmed by TheBlaze).

Since that story ran, the video generated significant traffic with over 400,000 views of the original YouTube posting.  It also brought to our attention that the "Words Matter" concept was not exactly a new idea. In fact, TheBlaze was contacted by WordsMatter2012, a DC-based organization that originated the idea for these types of video comparisons, back in March of this year.

At the helm of WordsMatter2012 is executive director, Jennifer Gratz. If Ms. Gratz's name sounds familiar to you, she is no stranger to the national political scene. At the young age of 19, Jennifer sued the University of Michigan over racial preferences commonly referred to as "Affirmative Action." Her case went all the way to the Supreme Court and she was successful. Since that victory, Jennifer Gratz has been politically active, working to help others get ballot initiatives in place to challenge Affirmative Action in states all across the country.

Ms. Gratz told TheBlaze that her work with WordsMatter2012 stems from the questions that she would like answered about Barack Obama:

“Has the President lived up to our expectations?”

“Has he led the country to move beyond racial divisions?"

"Has he lived up to the promise that we are not a white America or a black America, but the United States of America?"

WordsMatter2012 describes themselves as "a research project" with a very specific mission:

Words Matter 2012 is a project devoted to giving voters a non-partisan and objective insight into what was promised...and what was delivered. From Guantanamo Bay to Wall Street, from the economy to fairness in government - Can we trust what our elected leaders tell us? Who is right? What do we believe? Do words still matter?

The first video posted by WordsMatter2012 hit the internet just six months ago:

Following the success of that "trailer," WordsMatter2012 has posted a new video each week. These clips feature President Obama in his own words, and each compares Mr. Obama's words from the past to his words and actions today.

The most popular of the weekly clips was the one released just last week called, "Disappointed." This 2:25 video shows some of Obama's most loyal supporters are not quite pleased with the president's lack of progress.

The latest video from WordsMatter2012 was sent to TheBlaze yesterday. This one is called "Obama: A Post-Racial President?" And it asked the question:

Candidate Obama promised to lead the country beyond racial divisions. Has he kept this commitment, or descended into the racial politics of the past?

WordsMatter2012 has offered to give TheBlaze an advance preview of their weekly videos. We will review and post as necessary.

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