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Check Out These Pics From Beck's FreePAC Speech (And Learn More About TheBlaze Action Center!)

(Photo: TheBlaze)

Glenn Beck spoke at FreePAC in Ohio Saturday night, revealing a new "Action Center" that transforms the way readers ingest the news.

In the past, he explained, Americans would often read the news and care deeply about the events-- but they had nowhere to go with the information.  Yelling at the television or shaking your head at an article on the computer accomplishes little, he said.

The solution?  Making it as easy as possible for readers to both inform themselves, and take action on the issues they care most about.

At TheBlaze Action Center, readers can research everything from White House staff members to world religions.

But the most convenient tool is likely the one most prominently displayed-- a box that lets readers type in their zip code for the contact information of all their elected officials.

In his speech, Beck cited tax increases as an example of when readers can head to the virtual Action Center.

Many readers have strong feelings one way or another over our nation's tax rates, but are essentially invisible to Washington except for election day.

“Now you need to be able to see a story, and say if I believe in these things, what action steps can I take?  So the news becomes a way to inform yourself, and then move things forward,” Beck explained.

Watch Beck's full speech, below:

A red button that says "Take Action" on the front page of TheBlaze, the Action Center also allows readers to see their elected representatives' "scorecard" from FreedomWorks.

In just a few short minutes, anyone can see exactly how their representatives are voting, and who is sticking to their campaign promises.

In addition, FreedomWorks has a number of "Action Items" that readers can choose to participate in, dealing with everything from Wisconsin unions to European bailouts.

During his speech, Beck said that he understands that people are busy.  Even if you intend to contact your representatives, by the time you track down the relevant information and take care of the rest of your responsibilities, the letter often ends up unsent.

The Action Center is intended to change that, giving readers an efficient way to make their voices heard, however they lean politically.

Here are more photos of the crowd, estimated to be roughly 7,000 people:

One woman who attended the event commented on the many ways the Internet and social media are revolutionizing politics.

“Going door-to-door is not my thing," she said. "I learned how I can use social media to educate my friends and family on the issues. I used to not like to stir the pot, and I’m learning to speak my mind freely.”



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