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Did a 'Fox & Friends' Host Get Pranked This Morning? Wait Until You See the Video


"Are you being serious about this interview or not?" -- UPDATE: FOX investigating -- UPDATE II: Prank guest wanted to prove "Fox News is a fake news organization"

Wow. Just, wow.

It looks like "Fox & Friends" co-host Gretchen Carlson on Monday interviewed a prank guest and she's clearly not in on the "joke" (though she seems to pick up on it pretty quickly).

The guest, who the show says is named Max Rice, is introduced as a recent college grad and former supporter of President Obama who claims he is voting for Gov. Mitt Romney.

But Rice seems more interested in making the interview as awkward as possible than he is in telling his supposed "conversion story."

We'd try to describe how odd their exchange is, between Rice telling Carlson she's "Miss Universe" in his books (Carlson, as we’re sure you know, is a former pageant queen) to him talking about supporting President Obama when he was in third grade and referencing someone stealing his basketball, but it’s best if you just watch for yourself:

Who's Max Rice anyway?

Well, it didn't take a lot of digging, but as it turns out, he is a recent graduate -- from high school. He's still in college and recently transferred from UT-Austin to Columbia College Chicago, according to POLITCO.

He also happens to be an aspiring "comedian." You can watch one of his videos by clicking on the picture below [WARNING: Extremely objectionable language and subject material]:

UPDATE: FOX News said they are "investigating" this morning's bizarre incident.

"We are still examining the situation, but it will be addressed with the appropriate parties involved," Bill Shine, Executive Vice President of Programming FOX News told the Washington Examiner.

UPDATE II: The Raw Story was able to hunt down Rice and get his side of the story.

Speaking to Raw Story on the phone Monday morning, the man who pranked Fox News said he’s always believed “Fox News is a fake news organization,” and explained that he wanted to shame the conservative television channel for being “stupid” and looking for interview subjects as if they were “casting a part in a show.”


Rice told Raw Story that he in fact dropped out of the University of Texas, but lied to Fox News about being a graduate just to see if they’d do their homework.

“The first thing that shocked me is that they were that desperate to find someone that fit that category,” he added. “What they were seeking is someone who voted for Obama in 2008, then somewhere in the last four years got disenfranchised and now is a huge Romney supporter. But I feel like anyone who fits that mold would also dis Romney at the same time. So, they just couldn’t find anyone. They’re in New York City, so they had to go find a kid in Chicago.”


“They were so happy that I fit the mold and that I was Caucasian,” he continued. “They were just casting a part in a show. They were so stupid… I’m a kid messing around. They had 10 days to ask for my driver’s license. They saw my [high school] commencement speech video, but they’re too stupid to realize that if I graduated in 2010, I wouldn’t graduate college until 2014. That’s why I was so awkward in the interview. I wasn’t going to lie.”

“I want this story to get out because I think it’s bigger than just me,” he added.

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(H/T: Mediaite). This story has been updated for clarity (and as info became available).

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