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Hurry, You'll Have Five Hours Tuesday to See an Original, Handwritten Draft of the Constitution


PHILADELPHIA (TheBlaze/AP) -- Did you know today is a holiday? While you may not get the day off, September 17 is officially recognized as Constitution Day. The holiday marks the official day the founding document was signed in 1787.

In honor of the document's 225th anniversary, the Historical Society of Pennsylvania is putting six original drafts and copies of the Constitution of the United States on display.

The historical society will put the copies and drafts on display for five hours on Tuesday.  Among the items is one of 11 original printings remaining. The Historical society explains:

Among the many treasures of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania are two handwritten drafts and four printed documents that trace the genesis of the new form of government proposed by the Constitutional Convention. These six treasured documents, taken together, show how the Constitution evolved and how the final proposal was presented to the convention delegates, to Congress and the state legislatures, and to the American people, setting the stage for a remarkable public debate that demonstrated that human beings using reason and choice could decide what kind of government they wanted.

Historical society President Kim Sajet tells The Philadelphia Inquirer the drafts and copies are only displayed on special occasions. They're usually locked in a vault at the society's building.

A number of Philadelphia's other historical sites are hosting events for the anniversary, including the National Constitution Center.

The Constitution was officially adopted on Sept. 17, 1787, replacing the Articles of Confederation.

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