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S.E. Cupp to Conservatives: 'Chill Out' -- Romney Loss Does Not Equal End of GOP


"This is not the end of the party as we know it."


While some conservatives fear another term from President Barack Obama would spell disaster for the United States of America and the Republican Party, TheBlazeTV's S.E. Cupp advised conservatives on Monday to "calm down" and understand that the GOP is not doomed if presidential nominee Mitt Romney loses the election.

During MSNBC's "The Cycle" on Monday, Cupp reacted to a widely circulated Politico report that argues the Romney campaign is struggling with infighting and is accused running a "campaign of caution, one that puts all the emphasis not on how good Romney could be but how bad Obama is."

"First, kudos to Politico," Cupp said. "This campaign has been notoriously hard to access if you are a journalist not named Fox News."

"I have a message for my conservative colleagues who seem to be engaging in this circular firing squad: Calm down. Let’s chill out a little bit," she added. "This is not the end of the party as we know it. We will not be shutting down the party if Romney does not win."

She went on to say that "a couple bad weeks" on the campaign trail does not speak to the kind of  "leadership" failures that have damaged President Obama's reputation, saying Obama's nearly four-year presidency shouldn't be compared to a Romney campaign cycle.

Co-host Steve Kornacki chimed in, saying Republicans will refuse to look in the mirror and change their ways if Obama is victorious in November.

"If you can think back to the last incumbent democrat to seek re-election, that was Bill Clinton in 1996, and the Republican opposition to Bill Clinton in his first term as president was as heated, as intense and as unyielding as the Republican opposition to Barack Obama has been."

The difference, he said, was that after the GOP lost to Clinton, they "changed" their strategy, something he doesn't think will happen this time around.

Watch the entire segment via MSNBC/Mediaite here:

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