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Walmart Employees Allegedly Rip Up Woman's $100 Bills Thinking They Are 'Fake'...Then Try to Give Them Back


"No reasonable basis to believe the bills were counterfeit"

Texas resident Julia Garcia is seeking a maximum of $74,000 in damages from Walmart Stores, Inc. after its employees at a San Antonio store allegedly tore up her $100 bills and wrongly detained her for hours, thinking her bills were "fake."

Apparently the incident happened roughly two years ago, around Christmas.  According to Garcia's complaint, she had just sold her vehicle and had two $100 bills and two $50 bills with which she hoped to buy Christmas gifts for her children.

When she presented the $100 bill at the Walmart checkout, the employee took it, turned to speak with another cashier, then told Garcia the bill was "fake" and ripped it in half without performing any counterfeit detection tests.  At that point, Garcia was able to convince the employee to test the currency with the counterfeit detection pen, and having worked in retail, Garcia pointed out that her bill registered as legitimate.

But it didn't end there.  After the employee said the Walmart was keeping the bill regardless of how it tested, Garcia asked to speak with a manager.  When she explained that she had just sold her car and produced another $100 bill, the manager allegedly grabbed that bill, ripped it in half, and told her she had to wait for police.

Garcia was forced to wait at the front of the store for roughly two hours, according to her complaint, where inquisitive customers were told she was trying to pass "fake money," or something to that effect.

After two police officers came, questioned Garcia, and performed more tests, they apparently told the store manager he had made a "terrible mistake."

The manager then reportedly attempted to return the ripped $100 bills-- adding that he didn't agree with the police conclusion-- before an officer intervened and instructed him to replace the ripped bills with new ones.

One of the police officers is said to have "apologized profusely" for how the Wal-Mart employees treated Garcia, saying they had "no reasonable basis to believe the bills were counterfeit."

One Huffington Post commenter suggested the responsible employees have their employment contracts ripped the way the ripped Garcia's money, while others were simply stunned at how wrong a simple Christmas shopping trip went.

(H/T: Daily Mail)

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