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Beck Slams Media For Ignoring 'Blind Sheikh' Story


During his show on TheBlazeTV on Tuesday, Glenn Beck discussed a report that states the U.S. State Department may be actively considering transferring Omar Abdel Rahman, also know as the "Blind Sheikh," from the U.S. to Egypt.

Beck then slammed the media for continuing to smear GOP presidential nominee Romney while refusing to report on issues that would harm the Obama administration.

"There is no political trouble for Obama as our embassies literally burn down to the ground and facts come out that the administration may have ignored warnings. Where is the pressure after TheBlaze breaking news that the State Department is considering talks or in talks to transfer the mastermind of the 1993 world trade center bombing from the U.S. to Egypt for humanitarian and health reasons?"

Beck explained that the Blind Sheikh is revered by newly elected Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi, who called his release a matter of "great importance" and vowed to pressure the United States to release him from their custody.

Responding to a statement from the U.S. Department of Justice that said allegations claiming the State Department is considering transferring the Blind Sheikh to Egypt are "garbage," Beck called on the State Department to issue its own denial as it would be the agency that would handle such matters.

Watch the entire Beck segment via TheBlazeTV:

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